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Microphysiological Systems as Applied for Rare Diseases Therapeutic Development

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Hesperos Chief Scientist Dr. J Hickman was a featured speaker at NIH Rare Disease Day, covering how Human-on-a-chip systems are supporting rare diease therapuetics.  His talk, titled "Rare Story #3: Microphysiological Systems as Applied for Rare Diseases Therapeutic Development," presented Hesperos's commerically available models and how they have been used to test the efficacy of new pharmaceuticals.

NIH Rare Disease Day brought speakers from Congress, the FDA, Industry, Academia, and patient advocates together to discuss ways to accelerate development of new therapeutics for this underserved population.  View Dr. Hickman's talk below or

1) Validates use of Human-on-a-Chip system to mimic disease mechanisms of rare autoimmune neuropathies that cannot be replicated in animal models.

2) Efficacy data from microphysiological system supported the authorization of a clinical study (NCT04658472) in 2021 through collaboration with Sanofi.

Hesperos, Inc is proud to announce Dr. Virginia Smith’s recent publication in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology which validates the Human-on-a-Chip method to model the rare autoimmune disease, Myasthenia Gravis. Read the full press release below: … Read More


HUMAN-ON-A-CHIP FOR RARE DISEASES DISCUSSION In our latest publication, UCF & Hesperos researchers discuss how Human-on-a-chip systems can be used to address the unique challenges facing rare diseases. Researchers cite that rare diseases are “limited by … Read More