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Functional skeletal muscle model derived from SOD1-mutant ALS patient iPSCs recapitulates hallmarks of disease progression

  • Scientific Reports - September 2020 (Link to Study)
  • Agnes Badu-Mensah, Xiufang Guo, Christopher McAleer, John W. Rumsey & James J. Hickman 

A Human-Based Functional NMJ System for Personalized ALS Modeling and Drug Testing

  • Advanced Therapeutics - August 2020 Press Release & Link to study
  • Xiufang Guo, Virginia Smith, Max Jackson, My Tran, Michael Thomas, Aakash Patel, Eric Lorusso, Siddarth Nimbalkar, Yunqing Cai, Christopher McAleer, Ying Wang, Christopher Long, James Hickman

Differential Monocyte Actuation in a Three-Organ Functional Innate Immune System on a Chip.  

  • Advanced Science - June 2020 Press Release & Link to study
  • In collaboration with Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Trevor Sasserath, John Rumsey, Christopher McAleer, Lee Richard Bridges, Christopher Long, Daniel Elbrecht, Franz Schuler, Adrian Roth, Christina Bertinetti-LaPatki, Michael Shuler, James Hickman

On the Potential of In Vitro Organ-Chip Models to Define Temporal Phamacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Relationships

  • Nature Scientific Reports - July 2019  Link to study
  • In collaboration with AstraZeneca
  • Christopher McAleer, Amy Pointon, Christopher Long, Rocky Brighton, Benjamin Wilkin, Lee Richard Bridges, Narasimhan Sriram, Kristin Fabre, Robin McDougall, Victorine Muse, Jerome Mettetal, Abhishek Srivastava, Dominic Williams, Mark Schnepper, Jeff Roles, Michael Shuler, James Hickman

Multi-Organ System for the Evaluation of Efficacy and Off-Target Toxicity of Anticancer Therapeutics

  • Science Translational Medicine - June 2019 Press Release & Link to study
  • In collaboration with Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Christopher McAleer, Christopher Long, Daniel Elbrecht, Trevor Sasserath, Lee Richard Bridges, John Rumsey, Candace Martin, Mark Schnepper, Ying Wang, Franz Schuler, Adrian Roth, Christoph Funk, Michael Shuler, James Hickman


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