The Science behind Human-on-a-Chip®

What is a Human-on-a-Chip?

Interconnected, reconfigurable, multi-organ in vitro platform reproducing the functional aspects of human physiology providing unprecedented visibility into how the human body will respond to chemicals & novel therapeutics.

Providing access to cutting-edge systems, we reproduce physiologically relevant models with several interlinked organs, including: heart, liver, lung, brain, skin, muscle, GI tract, kidney, pancreas, endocrine, bone marrow, and the neuromuscular junction. Using a serum-free cell medium and a carefully designed gravity flow system, there is no need for pumps. We can work with you to custom design the platform with almost any number of organ or tissue types in our patented human-on-a-chip system.

Key Advantages

Explore the various aspects that make up the worlds' most advanced human-based, multi-organ system

Efficacy & Toxicity

Simultaneously determine efficacy and off-target toxicity of both single compound treatments AND drug-drug combinations of primary compounds and active metabolites


Science Translational Medicine

Flexible & Reconfigurable

Easily interchange organ modules & barrier tissues to investigate specific diseases. Current systems expand up to 5-organs


Advanced Functional Materials


Patented, pumpless, low-volume system only require milligrams of candidate compounds


Nature Scientific Reports

Serum Free

Recirculating serum-free media mimics blood circulation maintaining cell viability & differentiation up to 28 days


Advanced Functional Materials

Select Research Applications

Below are few examples your research can benefit from today


Understand the efficacy of your compound in our human-based system, especially for rare diseases.

The FDA recently authorized the first Phase II clinical trial for a new drug application using efficacy data exclusively from our systems.

Clinical Trial #NCT04658472


Increase your clinical trial success rate with our preclinical toxicity screening.  Additionally, we're able to evaluate efficacy and off-target toxicity in the same multi-organ system enabling determination of therapeutic index.

This includes evaluation of single and multi-drug treatments for both parent compounds and metabolites.

Exposure Response Profile

Understand the distribution of your compound throughout the body and its response. A key component in determining optimal dosing.

Quantify Drug Concentration

Know how quickly your compound is absorbed, metabolized, and excreted. Determine the precise amount of a drug at any time point out to 28 days.

Metabolite Generation

In any system containing a liver, we can determine concurrent depletion of parent compound and metabolite generation.

Testimony by Francis Collins to Senate Labor, Health & Human Services Subcommittee, April 7, 2016


I predict that, ten years from now, safety testing for newly developed drugs as well as assessment of the potential toxicity of numerous environmental exposures, will be largely carried out using human biochips … [and] will mostly replace animal testing for drug toxicity and environmental sensing giving results that are more accurate, at lower cost, and with higher throughput.

NIH Director, Francis Collins, MD, PHD

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