Recent News About Hesperos and Human-on-a-Chip Technology

Changing the Industry: Thrive Global’s Interview with Dr. Michael Shuler

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We have set out on a journey to change the drug development process for the better so patients can get the treatments they desperately need and not have to wait years for them to become available. … Read More

Dr. James J. Hickman elected as Fellow of the National Acadamy of Inventors!

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Dr. James J. Hickman elected as Fellow of the National Acadamy of Inventors Hesperos is excited to announce that Chief Scientist, Dr. James J. Hickman, has been elected fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).  … Read More

Dr. Hickman’s Presentation at AAPS about Human-On-A-Chip® technology

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Human-on-a-chip System for Use in Therapeutic Index Determination and Systemic Toxicity in Pre-clinical Drug Discovery Presented at AAPS 2020 by James J. Hickman, PhD Chief Scientist, Hesperos, Inc.

future tech Podcast interview with JAMES HICKMAN, PHD, Human-Based Models for Drug Testing

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Dr. Hickman Presents Human-on-a-Chip® at Florida Simulation Summit 2020

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Hesperos Chief Scientist, Dr. James Hickman discusses how a Human-on-a-Chip works at the Florida Simulation Summit 2020

Hesperos listed among 2021 Top Tech Startups in Orlando

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The Tech Tribune, the journalistic arm of Crunchbase, recently selected Hesperos as one of the top 10 technology startups in Orlando. We are proud to be listed among the best companies in the City Beautiful. Award … Read More

ALS skeletal muscle for a pathologic role

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Unraveling the pathologic role of skeletal muscle in ALS A key challenge in developing effective therapies for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has been a poor understanding of the disease pathology. To address this issue, a team of … Read More