Changing the Industry: Thrive Global’s Interview with Dr. Michael Shuler


We have set out on a journey to change the drug development process for the better so patients can get the treatments they desperately need and not have to wait years for them to become available.

Michael L. Shuler

Hesperos’ CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Michael Shuler, was recently interviewed by Jason Hartman with Thrive Global for their series on business leaders that are changing their industry. In the interview, Dr. Shuler opens up about his lifelong fascination with science and the personal connection behind his journey to finding a better approach to drug discovery while reducing the need for animal studies. 

He shares how he established a partnership with Dr. James Hickman to form Hesperos bringing his life’s work out of the lab in order to benefit patients. Together, along with a rapidly growing, multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers, we are making significant strides towards achieving our mission of accelerating drug discovery and enabling a world where every disease has a treatment, every patient has hope, and animals are no longer used for chemical testing or drug discovery. 

Read the full interview published by Thrive Global here.

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