Hesperos at NCATS-NASA State-of-the-Science Meeting



We’ve been forging new frontiers with our human-on-a-chip multi-organ models—could the next one take us into space?

 Last month, we traveled to Washington, DC, to attend a workshop with officials from NASA,NCATS (National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences), and other government officials for a “State-of-the-Science” meeting on 3D tissues and microphysiological systems.

One of only two companies present, we presented an overview of our technology and outlined how our miniaturized in vitro organ constructs effectively evaluate drug toxicity, efficacy,  and mechanisms of in vivo cellular and tissue damage.

Several academic labs also presented their work to the government agencies, who were interested in learning about the systems’ potential for disease modeling and treatment on Earth, as well as enabling new approaches to mitigating risks to humans in space.

It was a great experience to join with other leaders in the field to scope out the exciting potential of this technology, and we look forward to any projects or partnerships that may arise as a result.