Understand the human response to your compound

We offer four human-on-a-chip systems for disease modeling and drug testing. These benchmark, multi-organ, human-based screening platforms are ideal for identifying first-in-class drugs and developing novel medicines for incompletely understood, complex diseases.

In addition, we can customize our systems by allowing customers to choose which organs to use in the model or to even build the model from organ tissues from a specific patient. These customizations make our systems especially appropriate for rare disease efficacy models.

Cost Effective

Bringing a drug to market is estimated to take over a decade of research and cost $2.6 billion.  The vast majority of the time and money is wasted on drugs that will ultimately fail.  Hesperos, Inc. creates physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models which accurately predict which compounds will work, before valuable time and resources are invested.

Eliminating Animal Testing

Aside from the ethical considerations, animal testing is woefully inaccurate. For every 50 drugs that are determined to be safe for animals, only 1 proves safe in humans. As a result, the FDA approval process for drugs based on animal testing is long. By providing a platform for testing in the context of human metabolism, our systems have the potential to eliminate the use of animals in preclinical trials. 


As researchers aim to tackle more complex diseases, the need for high quality data is increasing. Our systems test new compounds on both healthy and disease state models. These generate large sets of data on which our team and outside researchers can identify trends.  Analysis of these trends yield new insights which help our customers make better decisions regarding each compound.

Our Benchmark Platforms

  • Heart-Liver Two-Organ Model

    An effective test of the acute and chronic effects on the heart and liver.

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  • Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ) Two-Organ Model

    Measure the impact on the nervous and muscular systems.

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  • Heart-Liver-Skeletal Muscle-Neuron Four Organ Model

    An in-depth measure of the acute and chronic effects on baseline physiology.

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  • Heart-Liver-Cancer Three Organ Model

    Determine the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs.

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Customized Systems

Because each customer is as unique as the research question they’re planning to answer, our human-on-a-chip systems are configurable to your unique needs.

Our customers can select the organs for their human-on-a-chip system, including ones not present in the benchmark platforms, tailoring the design and readouts to maximize the generation of data relevant to their unique goals.

Additional Organ Modules and Services

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