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Hesperos is named for Venus in the evening sky. Like her, we are a leading light, providing world-class research in disease modeling and drug testing through our use of human-on-a-chip systems. Our patent positions and the over 20 years of expertise of both Drs. Shuler and Hickman make us the company to work with for your most difficult problems as well as for cost competitive, routine, human-on-a-chip assays.

The hesperos difference

Hesperos, Inc. brings together biologists, surface chemists, and engineers in order to produce some of the worlds most advanced organs-on-chips. From gene expression to electrophysiology, our biologists recreate key components of various organs. Chemically patterned microchips are engineered to enable real-time monitoring of organ activity. Finally, our engineers utilize sophisticated measurement techniques in order to detect and quantify minute changes.  The result of this collaboration is an ability to study therapeutics in a way which was previously only possible in clinical trials.

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Latest News

Hesperos Validates Utility of Human-on-a-Chip® Approach to Model Rare Autoimmune Disease, Myasthenia Gravis

By Hesperos | November 22, 2021

Hesperos, Inc is proud to announce Dr. Virginia Smith’s recent publication in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology which validates the Human-on-a-Chip method to model the rare autoimmune disease, Myasthenia Gravis. Read the full press release below: … Read More

Hesperos & Tabula Rasa Awarded $1.9M NIH Grant to investigate preventable Drug-induced Alzheimer’s Disease

By Hesperos | August 27, 2021

Hesperos and Tabula Rasa receive $1.9M National Institutes of Health Research Grant Focused on Preventable Drug-Induced Alzheimer’s Disease

Nature Scientific Reports Study Validates Utility of Human-on-a-Chip to Model NAFLD

By Hesperos | June 26, 2021

New study published in Nature Scientific Reports validates the utility of Human-on-a-Chip to model Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Pharma Manufacturing Interview with Dr. Michael Shuler on Reducing Animal Testing in Drug Discovery

By Hesperos | May 25, 2021

Senior Editor with Pharma Manufacturing interviews Hesperos executives Michael Shuler and Nathan Post on the rise of Human-on-a-Chip (HoaC) systems and how they are replacing the need for animal testing in drug discovery.

Changing the Industry: Thrive Global’s Interview with Dr. Michael Shuler

By Hesperos | April 13, 2021

We have set out on a journey to change the drug development process for the better so patients can get the treatments they desperately need and not have to wait years for them to become available. … Read More

Dr. James J. Hickman elected as Fellow of the National Acadamy of Inventors!

By Hesperos | December 16, 2020

Dr. James J. Hickman elected as Fellow of the National Acadamy of Inventors Hesperos is excited to announce that Chief Scientist, Dr. James J. Hickman, has been elected fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).  … Read More

Dr. Hickman’s Presentation at AAPS about Human-On-A-Chip® technology

By Hesperos | November 20, 2020

Human-on-a-chip System for Use in Therapeutic Index Determination and Systemic Toxicity in Pre-clinical Drug Discovery Presented at AAPS 2020 by James J. Hickman, PhD Chief Scientist, Hesperos, Inc.

future tech Podcast interview with JAMES HICKMAN, PHD, Human-Based Models for Drug Testing

By Hesperos | November 19, 2020


Dr. Hickman Presents Human-on-a-Chip® at Florida Simulation Summit 2020

By Hesperos | November 9, 2020

Hesperos Chief Scientist, Dr. James Hickman discusses how a Human-on-a-Chip works at the Florida Simulation Summit 2020

Hesperos listed among 2021 Top Tech Startups in Orlando

By Hesperos | October 15, 2020

The Tech Tribune, the journalistic arm of Crunchbase, recently selected Hesperos as one of the top 10 technology startups in Orlando. We are proud to be listed among the best companies in the City Beautiful. Award … Read More

About Our Team

Hesperos, Inc, is a leader in efforts to characterize an individual’s biology with human-on-a-chip microfluidic systems. Founders Michael L. Shuler and James J. Hickman have been at the forefront of every major scientific discovery in this realm, from individual organ-on-a-chip constructs to fully functional, interconnected multi-organ systems which they coined "human-on-a-chip."

Simulating Organ Function

Unlike other tests that extrapolate organ function based on biomarker activity and protein analysis, our models are working systems that recreate muscle and tissue function as well as neural and inter-organ communication. The resulting functional reports closely correlate to what clinicians observe in human clinical trials.

Data Driven Analysis

Our systems generate thousands of data points which correlate to key functional aspects of each organ.  Our custom analyses are then able to parse the data quickly and fruitfully to identify subtle changes in function alongside large-scale shifts in morphology and behavior, yielding insights into each drug.

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